Easy Power Plan Review, Best ‘Home Power Plant’ Plan?

Are you tired 😫 of worthless reviewers and their fake reviews? This is going to be the only Easy Power Plan review that will show you the PROGRAM, and its UPSELLs! Before you buy it.

Easy Power Plan Review

Hello friends, I am Jim Sutherland, and I would like to THANK YOU for visiting my Easy Power Plan review.

After speaking with the Ryan Taylor today, and find out about his story behind this power plan, I am REALLY excited to share this plan with you, as I feel this plan can surely end your dependency on power supply companies.

So, enough of the small talk. Let’s get into the program.

Easy Power Plan, What’s It All About?

I bought it so that I can show you!

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Easy Power Plan members area

Unlike those worthless reviewers, I actually purchased this plan to try it, instead of saying it is ‘bad’ or it is just ‘okay’ and recommending my “#1 Recommended Plan” in its place!

Easy Power Plan scams

Easy Power Plan was created by Ryan Taylor, from Memphis, Tennessee to teach ‘everyday people’ how to set up their own POWER PLANT. This home power plant is capable to generate enough electricity to end their dependency on electric supply companies and also cut down their electricity expense by up to 60%. THAT is the reason he created this program.

Basically, Ryan gives out a complete blueprint on setting up home power plant that uses SPINNING & MULTIPLICATION PRINCIPLES for generating safe and cost-effective electricity in less than $100 investment.

  Do You Want To See This Easy Generator In Action?  
  • First go to this link
  • Click the big red button that mentions “Click Here To Read The Text Presentation”
  • On the next page, scroll till the middle of the page and you see the video of this power generator in action.

How Does It Work?

This is the plan to create a simple and efficient generator that produces energy and then multiplies the small current through rotating magnets to produce electricity. Now, alternative energy holds a special place in my life as it is where I started my career in 2010.

In fact, I am a mechanical engineer will a decade of experience in the electric bike industry and also wrote a ‘Comprehensive Guide On Electric Bikes.” So I know this stuff very well and I can easily detect B.S from the real workable stuff.

Free Energy GeneratorWith that being said, Ryan’s Easy Power Plan is the legitimate plan, and I am very happy to share it with you and with every responsible citizen who wants to cut down electricity charges or generate his own electricity with very little investment.

Now before I take you inside its member area, let me give you a little overview of how it works. (I promise I will not go into much scientific detail.)

You will only have to set up a group of diodes that generate a magnetic field using a control board. This Magnetic field will set rotor in motion and then this motion will work as a source for an alternator that will multiply small current by up to 6 times. This method called “Overunity,” – which means the multiplication of current without losing amps and volts.

Make sure you read the above paragraph carefully to UNDERSTAND how this generator will going to work or you can watch video at this page.

With that being said, let’s jump inside the member area

What’s Inside Member Area?

First, let’s take a look at the main manual

What Main Manual Has To Offer?

Easy Power Plan book

The main manual is short but to-the-point as it gives an overview of the generator, a diagram or blueprint of how generator works, tools and materials required for building this generator, and a useful resource list from where to get tools and materials.

Honestly, there are only four main components required for setting up this generator. These are:

  1. Alternator
  2. Axle bearing
  3. Magnetic sensors
  4. 12v Battery

Other than these four components, you also need tools that are commonly available in any house.

Easy Power Plan by Ryan Taylor gives out a plan for setting up a generator that will continuously produce electricity and it will generate more electricity than you consume. This way you can reduce your monthly electricity charges or you can take this generator with you in your car and use it to generator electricity anywhere you want.

High-Quality Videos:

Easy Power Plan videos
These are videos you will get inside
  Fun Fact: I myself know MANY MANY families (personally) that are using this power generator to save hundreds of dollars every year from their electricity charges.  


…And one thing that is common in all these smart families is this:

They all make an investment to set up their own electricity source

They know the investment they are making TODAY will be cover in the next few months and then they will enjoy free electricity (Yah! Some sort of)

It may seem a little bit scary to work with wires and motors to set up generator – but don’t worry, Ryan has provided a great blueprint and over-the-shoulder videos.

And as far as investment is a concern, don’t worry you can always start from low and scale it up when you see profit in setting your own electricity source.

There are 9 videos in all, totaling around 83 minutes, and I feel Ryan has done a great job in explaining every step and showing how to build this generator from the stretch.

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Easy Power Plan Made For:

  • People who want to cut down their monthly electricity bill
  • People who want to end their dependency on electric companies
  • People who are looking for an exact blueprint on getting up simple, safe, and efficient power generator
THE BEST PART IS, This Power Plan gives a SOLID BLUEPRINT for creating your electricity generator and you can also share this blueprint with your friends who are living in blackout-prone areas or you can set up a generator and sell it for profit. YES! I saw many ads of these kinds of the portable perpetual motor generators.

My Final Thought:

Ryan Taylor’s Easy Power Plan is the perfect plan for NEWBIES, and people (like me) who like to keep things under control while making electricity generator.

This is also a perfect plan for people who like camping and looking for a safe, and efficient power generator. I can’t say enough good things about this plan.

What I suggest is,

Pick the plan, put your honest efforts into it – And you will be happy with the results.

If you have any questions regarding the Easy Power Plan, magnetic generator, or just electric industry in general, then PLEASE POST THEM BELOW, and I’ll happy to answer them as soon as possible.

If you are interested in getting this program then click the red button below.


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