Generator And An Electric Motor

Generators and motor are both electromagnetic devices. They have loops contains current, which helps the magnetic field to rotate. These changes may know as EMFs or voltage. Electronic motor and generator are different from each other. Generators are a device that converts mechanical energy to electric energy, and electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Electric motor and generator are compared to various reasons like function, uses, source, and working. Dissimilarities between a generator and an electric motor are likely the most frequent question regarding electricity. The main differences between both are bellowed.

How Generator And Electric Motor Works



It is a device that changes mechanical energy to electric energy.


The equipment of the generator is similar, but working differs. When the mechanical energy is hit to the shaft, the rotor starts rotations, and this rotation of the rotor between permanent magnet generates electric power inside the coils of the rotor and collecting with the help of brushes.

Electrical Motor

Electrical Motor

It is a device that converts electric energy to mechanical energy with the principle of electricity and magnetism.


The motor contains stator work as permanent magnets;

  • The rotor includes coils inside; it helps to create movement.
  • The shaft generates mechanical energy.
  • Commutator use to provide current to the rotor.
  • Brushes that create contact between power supply and commutator.

When key switched on,  current flows from brushes to the commutators, which are connected to the rotating coils, currents pass from commutator to coils and flow in between stator.

When current flow between coils, the magnetic field is created around the coil. These 2 magnetic fields come in contact with each other, and due to like poles repel and energy reverse, unlike pole attracts the motion to get a start in coils. When this rotation connects with shaft its starts rotation and changes the provided electric energy to mechanical energy.

How Generator And Electric Motor Differ From Each Other


Electric motor


It is a device that changes mechanical energy to electric energy.


It is a device which converts electric energy to mechanical energy with the principle of electricity and magnetism.


Fleming’s hand rule

Generator stick to Fleming’s right-hand rule.Electric motors stick to Fleming’s left-hand rule.

Use of electricity

The generator doesn’t use electricity but generates


An electric motor uses electricity.


Coils rotate with the help of a magnetic field.Coils rotate with the help of electric energy.

Working principle

Based on the principle of the magnetic effect of electric current.Based on the principle of ETM.


Generators are used for powering batteries,  powering stations, give power to heavy industries, etc.


An electric motor is used in fans, automobiles, drills, saws, lathes, etc.

How Motor And Generator Are Similar

  1. Motor and generator both consist of magnet and coils.
  2. Motor and generator both consist spinning part.
  3. They both work on the principle of rotation.
  4. They convert energies.
  5. Use both consist concept of electric current at any point.
  6. Based on the principle of a magnetic and electric field.

Advantages Of Electric Motor And Generators

Here are some benefits of using engines and generator

Electric Motors

  • Electric motors are long-life devices they can use for a long time.
  • They are cheap as compare to engines or machines.
  • No fuel is required for working.
  • It contains high efficiency; it depends on the size and operating terms.
  • They require less about service and are durable.

Electric Generator

  • No need for electricity
  • It generates electricity
  • It uses less amount of power and has fewer loss outcomes as compared to others.
  • It can use in large industries.

Final Words

So the article was about electric motor and generator…

How the generator and motor different from each other?

What are the similarities between both of them?

How do they work?

What are the benefits of using generators and motors?

All about machine these both primary machines are used in our daily life, several times…

Hope you are clear about your question about motor and generator…