How many bucks do you spend on electricity bills every month?

I know it’s a considerable sum, mine is vast as well.

But have you ever heard of FREE electricity?

Yes, FREE electricity.

What? No, I’m not going to pay your bills. But you are going to get a million-dollar plan.

So let’s get into it.

magnetic power generator

Magnetic generator

The history of producing electricity from the magnetic field is ancient, but its real use has been unveiled not long ago. For years and years, power companies used expensive means of generating power (electricity from solar energy is not sufficient to support large systems, and in many countries, it doesn’t even work due to their climate).

When this idea popped up and started a buzz in the scientific communities, people began looking for ways to make it successful and not to mention many of them made it.

Let’s discuss what the actual idea was.

When a coil is placed in a changing magnetic field, it induces an electric current in the coil.

This principle is not new and was long ago given by Michael Faraday. He performed a series of experiments and realized that when a coil is placed in a magnetic field (magnetic field can be easily observed by sprinkling some small iron nails and around the magnetic, they will align themselves according to the field). Then the magnetic field is changed (by moving the magnet to and fro) an electric current is induced in the coil.

So the idea was to use this principle to generate a massive quantity of power, large enough to support houses and even bigger systems.


Mechanism and components:

A simple magnetic generator consists of the following components

  1. A shaft
  2. A magnet
  3. A coiled wire (copper wire)
  4. A battery or a source of power ( power is used to move the shaft so to change magnetic field)


If you are wondering that how it could be useful if you have to give the power to generate power, then let me tell you the magnetic generator doesn’t give you the same amount of power that it consumes. Rather, the power generated by the electromagnetic generator is 5 to 6 times more than the original. So even if you are giving some energy initially, you are getting much more in return.

It is not a bad deal.


Why is there a need for power?

The system needs the power to move the shaft so that the magnet on the shaft rotates, changing the magnetic field passing through the coil. This change in the magnetic field produces an electric current.



Generator MechanismThe process of generating power involves the following steps.

  • The magnet is placed on a shaft and is attached to the source of electricity.
  • The magnets exhibit a magnetic field on the areas surrounding it.
  • The coil is placed within the magnetic field of the magnet.
  • The power is provided via the battery to the shaft.
  • Due to the power, the shaft starts rotating.
  • Due to rotation, the magnetic field changes, and this change induces an electric current in the coil.

The current produced by the magnetic generator is the same as the one provided by power companies. It can be effectively used to powerhouses for all electrical systems. The bigger is the system; the more is the electricity produced.


From where can you get a magnetic generator?

Since the magnetic generator provides a cheap source of electricity and you can multiply the initial source by 5 to 6 times, it created a lot of buzzes all over the world.

No company is providing a magnetic generator in its assembled form because a lot of controversies and restrictions are attached to this product. It is not available in the market but can easily be designed at home.

When the idea gained traction and made people interested in this cheap source of electricity, it faced a massive backlash by the governments and power companies. It is evident from the fact that any such website which is selling the plan to build a magnetic generator is not allowed to work longer due to government restrictions. Although the actual reason behind it was unknown, a general conclusion was that if people started becoming independent of these power companies, then governments and power companies will lose a considerable sum of money that they earn from selling electricity.

Previously people were made to believe that they have to pay generous amounts of bills. Because the electricity they use costs that much but people were shocked when a video surfaced on the face of the internet in which it could be seen how even power companies are using the same magnetic generator formula to produce electricity. It overwhelmed the general public because they don’t know for how long they had been fooled into buying such cheap energy at such high prices.

So the reality is the power companies themselves are using this source of energy but providing power at a much higher price than its actual production cost.

magnetic field linesTo cope with the situation and to stop this spreading awareness, some people are made to say that this system doesn’t work, it’s old and obsolete, etc. but just because the principle is old doesn’t mean that it no longer working. Natural laws cannot be changed, nor do they stop working. If changing the magnetic field was able to induce a current in the coil, there cannot be any reason as to why it couldn’t now.

But the real dilemma instead of making lives of people better, the governments are working hands in hands with these power companies to fool people into buying their power and tracking and shutting websites and companies involved in selling these generators or plans.

If you Google it, you’ll find that there only a few websites from where these plans could be bought and maybe by the time you are reading this no such site is left still after some time one such website surfaces it’s forced down immediately, so getting hands-on plans is a little tricky.