As we know now are days electricity is an essential part of our life. It can be used in different vast areas like hospitals, factories, universities. Overall I mean to say that our life is incomplete without electricity. Electricity is what we use in our daily life like ironing clothes, washing machines, fans, lights, etc.

So we will talk about the sources from which we get electricity.

The whole world is based on electricity; life seems impossible without electricity. It is a source of energy that is the biggest gift of science to humanity, which becomes our lives for more accessible and comfortable. Almost the whole world needs electricity to work. The demand for electricity increases day by day as the world start depends on mechanical work. The world leaves to work with hands and taking working from a machine that uses electricity. Now our day our life depends on electricity.

What Is Electricity?

Electricity is a form of energy that can be produced by the flow of electrons from both positive and negative poles called current. It is not a natural source; it is a secondary source which we get from natural sources like coal, sunlight, natural gas, wind, magnets,  etc. we use 21% of energy in the form of electricity.

Sources Of Electricity

  • Sunlight (solar energy)
  • Wind
  • Hyperpower
  • Nuclear power
  • fossil fuel

So now we are going to discuss sources of electricity that give our electric energy.

Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuel is a source of energy that found naturally on the earth’s surface. They can also be formed by the putrefaction of dead animals and plants. Fossil fuels consist of a sizeable quantity of carbon, petroleum, coal, and natural gas.

Fossil fuel is a source of electricity which produce by burning coal or oil in plants that generate heat, which forms steam to running turbines that produce electricity. In this process, hot gases passed through the turbine to generate electricity.

The plant process is known as a combined cycle, needs gas turbine that uses a steam generator to produce a significant amount of electricity. In the year 2017, 65% of electricity generates with the help of fossil fuel worldwide.


  • It generates electricity, which lasts for a long time.
  • It is a cheap process.
  • It generates quickly by the process of burning.


  • This process generates carbon dioxide and sulfur that can cause pollution, acidic rain, climate change, which are harmful.
  • This process requires a large amount of coal, oil, or gas.
  • Fuel need to transport from other places result in supply issues.
  • The price of fuel increase from time to time, so it can be generate costly and increases costs in the market.


Water is another useful element used in generating electricity. The help of water can cause electricity. When reservoirs water passed through the turbine, it generates electricity.

Low carbon electricity can be generated with the help of hydroelectric dams. Hydroelectric plants are beneficial in generating electricity in a large amount.

Natural disasters can slow down this process and can create serious environmental problems and cause pollution.

It is the most deadly source of energy that take many lives during construction worldwide.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power atomic pile,  which is also known as a reactor, makes or command nuclear chain reaction. Reactors utilize the heat generate from breaking atoms to produce steam to run a turbine. No gasses are generated in this process, although the little amount of nuclear life cycle can produce thought out this process.

Nuclear power is not harmful to the environment, which generates electricity with less amount of pollution, according to a report of 2018, 10.5% of electricity generated with the help of nuclear power.

Nuclear power plants are reliable than fossil fuel power plants and can work without any disturbance till months. It is not a time-consuming process and can produce clean electricity in every season. The reactor can use nuclear fuel for many years as it’s consists of uranium; 1 kg of uranium can generate power as similar to 1 ton of coal, which results in less wastage.

Wind And Solar Sustainable

Sustainable, things like rain, wind, solar, etc. According to the report of 2017, wind and solar produce 4.4% and 1.3% of electricity worldwide. They don’t generate electricity per weather foreseeing. The wind speed from turbines depends on generates electricity; electricity is not produced in case of too wind speed or high wind speed.

If you talk about solar panels, their result depends on the time of day, the number of clouds cover, and the quantity of grime on the panels.

The negative thing about this two system:

  • They need ample space or a system to produce electricity that is not easy.
  • Electricity cannot be stored easily.
  • Natural gas plant systems can replace these systems because their battery not last for a longer time and need back up. In this case, natural gas plants produce a large quantity of carbon oxide, methane gas during the process, which can cause pollution and climate changes.

Biomass Plant

Biomass Plant

The working of biomass plants is the same as gas or coal power plants. The plants that contain fuels such as trees, domestic waste, biogas, and help to produce electricity. In this process, biomass replaces gas or coal, according to the report of 2017, 2.3% of electricity produced worldwide.

Biomass production can need a large amount of energy. This is an expensive process as compared to fossil fuel plants; another thing about this process its produce a large quantity of air pollution and many health issues.


Electricity is the need which increases day by day in our lives. As the world is growing, we need more electricity. If we need more electricity we can simply make electric generator at home but if any country needs to produce a large quantity of electricity they need to work on processes which produce low carbon energy which is less harmful and provides less amount of pollution. So we need to introduce a new system which reduces the contribution of fossil fuel or nuclear plants to make our self and world.

So guys save electricity… enjoy your electric life…